Air Pump Insole
Air Flow Upper
Shock Absorbing Heel Unit
Anti Slip Lining
Anti Slip Outsole
Anti Perforation Metal Free Insole
PU Midlayer Cushion
Metal Free Safety Toe Cap
Electrostatic Discharging
Lace Hideaway
Non Marking Outsole
Unique Comfort Foot Last
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APower Safety Trainer

Flawless Performance by Design

Developed in partnership with one of the world’s leading motorsport teams, the APower Safety Trainer has been designed and rigorously tested to ensure day long comfort and safety in the most demanding of working environments.

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The APower Safety Trainer Incorporates:

  • Unique air-pump insole refreshes and revives your feet with every step you take
  • Air-flow upper cools your feet in the warmest of working conditions
  • Shock absorbing heel unit relieves the pressures of a long working day
  • Anti-slip lining ensures a comfortable grip on your foot whilst also reducing friction
  • Non-marking outer sole reduces scuff marks in the work place and enhances slip resistance
  • Anti-perforation mid-sole protects from penetrating objects
  • PU midlayer cushion provides undiminished comfort throughout the life of the trainer
  • Metal free safety toe cap for improved electrical resistance and more space for your foot
  • Protective electrostatic discharge grounding to create a safer working environment
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APower Safety Trainer
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A-Power Safety Trainer
APower Safety Trainer
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£144.00 £99.00