About us

With over 26 years of experience in safety footwear, Oxford Safety Supplies was ideally placed to meet the exacting demands of our motorsport client to create the best safety trainer for their race technicians and factory team.

Our history and expertise in design and manufacture played a significant role in producing the APower Safety Trainer, a trainer that sets new standards in excellence and safety.

A Family Owned and Managed Business

We are a family owned business with three generations all involved in the management of the company. Everyone in our business has a personal commitment to the continuation of our good name by ensuring that each and every one of our customers is offered not only an outstanding product but an equally outstanding personal service.

Demanding Customers

As providers of safety footwear and apparel to organisations throughout the UK we are committed to developing products that match our customers’ needs for high quality, comfortable fit, and value for money. It is this unerring focus that has seen our company grow so rapidly year on year.

Ethical Supply

We are committed to the welfare of our workers and ensuring that our factories around the world maintain ethical practices.